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Sunday, 15 May 2011 05:55

30th May 2011

At this stage the work of several evangelists and pastors continues in East, Central and West Africa, as well as India, with continuing crusades bearing much fruit for our God’s glory. More details next month as reports come in.

26th May 2011, Khammam District, Andrea Pradesh, India

Brothers Danny & Terri, thank you for your kind reply and for your kind co-operation of our Tracts ministry in my state. Yesterday we visited some Tribal colonies in Khammam district and we saw and heard that the people’s traditions are so bad. They did not know of our Lord Jesus Christ, they are always drinking and worshiping the forest idols.



One believer from those Tribal colonies attended our Krishna district meetings and told me of these people’s sin filled lives. Yesterday I went to the Khammam district personally, and I meet the Tribal elders and I introduced our Lord Jesus Christ and His life to them. They agreed to my visiting their colonies, and to spreading the word of God and to saving these people. I am very happy for this good response of these elders.

Next I meet with some pastors from the villages to these colonies and I shared our tracts ministry with them. They happily agree to co-operate with our tracts ministry to these Tribal colonies, and also in their own areas. So, next month on 8th and 9th we go there and carry out our ministry in that place. Please pray for our tracts ministry. Here, we pray for you and your family and also your health. God bless you richly. Thanking you brethren. Pastor Ephraim Penumala.

23rd May 2011, Guntur District, India

Brothers Danny & Terri, our God has heard our prayers and has fulfilled your needs in His name. Our Telugu tracts are very useful in these 2 nights of meetings. We distributed our tracts to so many Hindus, Muslims and non-Christians, and our God worked their hearts and they were saved through our tracts. Thanking you brethren. Pastor Ephraim Penumala.

14th May 2011, Guntur District, India


Brothers Danny & Terri, thank you for your kind reply. Brother, for the last two days I attended youth meetings in my area. This is the holiday season in all our educational institutes, so our pastors are conducting youth meetings over two days. Nearly 800 students attend these meetings. Our linked pastors and I first remind them of our tracts ministry. Almost all of them have read our Telugu tracts previously, and some were saved through them. They also pray for you and your health and your ministry needs. Brother, please pray for these youth, in the future they do our Lord's work. Please pray for me and my family and also this month’s Guntur district open meetings. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother. Ephraim Penumala

13th May 2011, Nigeria

We have just received requests for more tracts from Bishop AJ Udoh and from Rev Edwin T Mimgba, from different states in Nigeria.

9th May 2011, Rivers State, Nigeria  

For the last two years this brother has been surviving on the goodness of others brothers hearts, but now our God has made it possible for him to move into one. The terms and conditions for renting in Africa are very severe and it usually means two years rent in advance. The following is an email we received for Bekinbo:

Dearly beloved of God, thank God with me because giving me a new apartment and I finally moved into it yesterday, after service, PRAISE GOD. I took a loan to be repaid within the next six months. Once again, thank God for removing the tears from my eyes. God bless you, love, Pastor Bekinbo

9th May 2011, Burundi, East Africa

Dad & Mom, Danny and Terri, I am very sorry for being quiet for many days. I was in hospital but now I am back home. You know I am pregnant, so because of long distance movements I disturbed my health, but now I am fine. Let me give you the testimonies I promised;

Burundi: 15,391 people gave their lives to Christ, including 75 witches and 14 witch doctors.

Rwanda: 11,193 people gave their lives to Christ, including 95 witches and 8 witch doctors.

Your sons, Mary & Daniel Pierre

5th May 2011, Mbeya, Tanzania

Brothers Daniel & Terri, I am back home safely but I am so tired. The mission was very, very good, like never happened before. The number of peoples who need tracts has doubled because many people are now familiar with your tracts and they are very interested. So please, if possible I am asking you to increase the amount of funds, as Lord provides you, in order to meet the people's needs. Thank you for hearing me. God bless you. Your sons, pastors Philip & Kissa Mahali.

5th May 2011, Khammam District, Andrea Pradesh, India

Brothers Danny & Terri Maher, please forgive me my late reply, because for the last two days our Gospel team and I were visiting some remote villages in the Khammam district and we gathered the local pastors and I introduce you both, and our tracts ministry to them. The pastors are very happy and will co-operate with our tracts ministry to their villages.  Brother, we are so happy for our ministry and we win more souls to our Lord's kingdom. Please pray for our Guntur district meetings on 20th & 21th of this month. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother, Ephraim Penumala

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