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Friday, 05 August 2011 00:34


31th Aug 2011, DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)

    My beloved father and my mom, first, let me apologies to you my parents, you haven’t heard from me for many days. I was in strong and heavy sorrow since my son's death happened, but I think you were praying for me because now I am ok and I am ready to continue to serve my Lord who is the author of everything; even children come from him. My group and I have planned again to go and have missions a in DRC, which will begin next week and will take two months. Our target is door to door evangelism, distributing tracts and church planting. Can we get tracts? God bless you. Mary Pierre

31th Aug 2011, East Africa

    At month’s end we are waiting for reports from the following evangelists, John Banda in Malawi, Peter Siwale in Dodoma (Tanzania) and George Otieno who finishes two months of crusades in Uganda next week. Please continue to pray for these evangelists some of whom are suffering major health problems because of the conditions they labour under for the Lord. Also, please pray for Mary Pierre (Makecho) and her husband Daniel who begin two months of evangelism in the Democratic Republic of Congo next week.

30th Aug 2011, Ghana

    Hello Dad and Mum, I just return from the Cape Coast crusade and by the grace of God it went very well 13 people give their life to Christ. We pray that our God will continue to give us His grace to do the work. I am also praying that God provide funds for us to print the other tracts so we can complete the printing for month of August. Hope to hear from you. Your son, John Boateng.

23rd Aug 2011, Africa & Myanmar

We have just received two urgent requests for prayer and assistance. One is from our dear brother in Iringa, Pastor John mark, who is desperately in need of food assistance. The second request is from Myanmar which has been hit with devastating, destructive rains causing enormous damage to property and severe health and financial problems, especially for the poor.

19th Aug 2011, Tenali, India

Brothers Danny & Terri, yesterday, my mother and my sister conducted a meeting with our new Christian ladies.  They brought another 50 ladies to this meeting, and they heard the word of God and we advised them to attend the church activities at our nearest assemblies to them. Please pray for these women and their families. In the future we are expecting their families to also come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Our God is with us and is helping our ministry activities in many areas. Also, our Khammam district pastors have invite me to visit their tribal colonies on 22nd of this month (Monday). Please pray us and our linked assemblies. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother. Pastor Ephraim Penumala

14th Aug 2011, Tenali, India

Brothers Danny & Terri, today I dispatched our Telugu tracts equally to four districts; 15,000 tracts each. Tomorrow we start distribution. My mother and sister conducted special women’s meeting on 8-8-2011 and nearly 100 accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. These ladies have invited my mother and my sister to meet with them on 18-8-2011, so please pray for this meeting. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother. Pastor Ephraim Penumala

11th Aug 2011, Uganda

Beloved brethren Danny & Terri, let me say again thank you so much for tracts which I received last week. These will help us finish our mission in Uganda, and I must say it has been very, very good and fruitful. I will let you have all the reports and testimonies later. I wish you all the best. Peter Siwale

8th Aug 2011, Tenali, India

Brothers Danny & Terri Maher, we have happily conducted the women's 2 days special meetings on 5th Friday & 6th Saturday. On the first day 450 ladies attended and on the second 570 came and they all heard the word of God and nearly 100 women accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. They gave their names and they want our prayers. In these last days we find that saved women are, by their changed lives, also changing their families. So, please pray for these saved women and their families. Our linked pastors are ready to carry out this month's open gospel program on the15th. We are looking to the Lord to use this program to save more people. We are all praying for this. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother. Ephraim Penumala

4th Aug 2011, Tanzania

Beloved brothers in Christ, Danny & Terri, I am greeting you in Jesus name our Saviour. God is good and is doing good things through the missions and the tracts. I have already started to send tracts to Zimbabwe and Mozambique and one of their church leaders will contact you very soon on their behalf. This is a new and big mission, and they need more tracts. I am planning one day to go and work with them in this mission. I think George Otieno (Uganda) also need tracts, and don’t forget about Peter Siwale (Dodoma) and John Mark (Iringa). God bless you. Your sons, Phillip & Kissa Mahali

3rd Aug 2011, Uganda

Brethren Danny & Terri, it's good to say thank you for what you continue to do for us here in Uganda and all over Africa through Pastor Philip with the literatures/tracts distributions. Thank you again for tracts I received safely on Sunday. The mission is good here and God is doing wonders. I thank him also because I am receiving good testimonies from East and Central Africa concerning your tracts. But I still need many more tracts. Don’t forget me please, and don’t forget East and Central Africa because all Africa needs the gospel. God bless you brothers. George Otieno.

3rd Aug 2011, Nigeria

Brother Danny, greetings in Jesus Name; I hope you and your family are doing great. I waited to hear again from you on the tracts issue, because it has been a long time since we finished distributing the tracts we got. Would it be possible for us
to examine the local cost of printing? I feel we can do this since we have a printer who has printed Manna Publication books for us twice at a much reduced cost. Hoping to hear from you soon. Again, due to unrest in Nigeria many places have placed a ban on our motorcycle operation thereby affecting us in our tracts distribution; please keep us in your prayers for this development. God bless you. Okey Ezeigbo

2nd Aug 2011, Andhra Pradesh, India

Brothers Danny & Terri, thank you for your spiritual encouragement to me. By the grace of God I and my gospel team visited the leprosy hospital yesterday and we distributed some fruits and our gospel material to the patients and hospital staff. We prayed for these people and between 30 and 35 accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. So please pray for these lepers and their family needs. Please pray for the four district pastor’s outreach to schools and collages on the 15th of this month. Also, our local pastors are planning to conduct two days of special meetings for women in Tenali on the 5th & 6th Aug. These will be conducted by my mother Mary and my sister, Beulah Nirmala, and 700 women are expected. Please pray for these special meetings. Thanking you brother, pastors Penumala
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