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Friday, 06 January 2012 22:24



January 2012

Dear Danny and Terri, I have had a same request from Ify as you did on 31st October 2011, via the Bideford and Shebbear Methodist Circuit (Devon) website, which I manage. Have you any means of knowing whether this is genuine and if it is whether it would be safe to send Bibles from England to this part of Nigeria? Having explored further on your website I discover a miracle did occur! (The following is a copy of the miracle she discovered on our web site)


Dear brother, God bless you sir. The Lord is good and there is joy unspeakable over here as we have received the 72 fine bibles you sent to us through pastor Bekinbo. Brother, we say thank you a billion times and may the Lord bless you to his glory. All the bibles have been distributed yesterday evening. Brother we all are happy and we thank you very much. God will bless your ministry. Amen! Ify Obi

Is it likely that Ify needs 72 more Bibles?  If so how would you suggest they are sourced?  Are they English language Bibles that are requested? I am pleased that my research led me to your Ministry website.  I will pray for you and bring it to the attention of others who may be interested. Yours in Christ, Maureen Ellis



29th Jan 2012

We are looking for tracts to hand out from our church outreach. Can you send me an assortment of tracts for us to look through?  If we wanted to order larger quantities, what is the cost? How many come in a package. Please send me any information that may be helpful in this. Thank you and God bless. Andrea Pol, Mitchell, Ontario, Canada




26th Jan 2012, Ghana

Yes dad and Mum that is His name, Israel Maher Boateng. I told you that you are both very special to us and this honour is even too small.

I attached Israel’s picture to my last email did you get it? Also, when do you think we are going to be able to send the “DISCIPLESHIP” study books to pastor Anthony and print tract for this month? Pastor Marcy has request Twi tracts. Hope to hear from you soon. Your son John Boateng


23rd Jan 2012, Ghana

Hello Dad & Mum. Our prayer answering God has answered our prayers and Mary has giving birth to a baby boy  today Sunday 22nd  at 5:45pm  I just want say thanks you so much for your prayers support and all you have done for us. We are very blessed to have parent like you who will do so much to support their children. May the Good God bless you with good health and long life. We truly love you as our parents. Your children, John and Mary Boateng


20th Jan 2012, Liberia

Hello Dad and Mum, thanks for your concern. The baby is not born yet, we are praying and waiting. Mum, Mary is worry because her time is due. I wish you could talk to her. I called Pastor Anthony and inform him that the books are ready and that we will send it as soon as possible. Hope you had a good weekend. Will speak with you on Skype soon, your son John Boateng


10th Jan 2012

Dear Dad and Mum what you sent is a perfect front cover for the “DISCIPLESHIP” study book , but do you please still want another introduction? As for me I believe what you sent is okay. Pastor Anthony called me today, 10th Jan, to find out how things are going.

We hope the printing will start this week, but we must also know the quantity which is to be printed. Your son Pastor John Boateng


4th Jan 2012, Ghana

Hello Dad and Mum, just want to say be strong in the Lord and the power of His might knowing that your work in Him will not be in vain, even if people do not seem to trust you I believe God trust you and so don’t give up. That is my pray for you it is His work which not yours, as you always say. We continue to love you. God bless and keep you for the good work. Son John Boateng



31st Jan 2012, Malawi

Evangelist John Banda and his team continue their crusades in this area of Central Africa despite having his home destroyed by fire last year. He has not been able to find accommodation since. Please pray for him and his team’s needs


26th Jan 2012, Tanzania

Beloved brothers Daniel & Terri Maher, greetings! Yes I am back home safely and my sons are totally healed. Concerning John Mark, last week when I was in Dar-Es-Salaam I got a phone telling me that John is in hospital and is serious sick, so I visited him and really is serious sick and he is in ICU room. The doctor's advice is to shift and send him in INDIA for better medications. Pastor Philip & Kissa Mahali


26th Jan 2012, Tanzania

My beloved brothers Danny & Terri Maher, greetings in Jesus name our Saviour. We thank god because my sons now are totally healed. Can we get funds for tracts tomorrow? We have many, many request including John Banda and his brothers in Malawi. It will be good if you will help us to get funds for tracts tomorrow. God bless you. Pastors Phillip & Kissa Mahali 


25th Jan 2012, Uganda

My parents, Danny & Terri Maher, are you okay? My husband and I we are fine, we remember you and pray for you. We need a baby. Would you please pray for us? The grace of the Lord be upon you. Mary & Daniel Pierre

(You may remember that Mary lost a baby last year, shortly after returning from a two month crusade in Uganda)


25th Jan 2012, Malawi

Brethren Danny & Terry Maher, I hope both you are fine. Before I forget thank; you very much for tracts which we received on Saturday last. I hope by God's grace you will continue to help us. Brothers, I remember you sent to me an email concerning brother Philip’s situation, could you tell me what is going on? As I told you, that there is some brethrens here in Malawi who need to join with us to help our brother Philip with money and bags of cements; how about other brethren? Have they responded? Can I hear from you please. Stay in blessing. John Banda


5th Jan 2012

Beloved brothers in Christ, D & T Maher, THIS IS VERY URGENT, DOCTORS HAVE CONFIRM THAT JOHN MARK IS SUFFERING FROM CANCER AND NOW IS SERIOUS SICK, SO IF POSSIBLE PLEASE HELP HIM FINANCIALLY, AS LORD PROVIDES YOU. God bless you my brother. Your servant in the Lords farm, pastors Philip & Kissa Mahali.



31st Jan 2012

Brothers Danny & Terri Maher, thank you for your mail, I saw the attached Bible study book on "DISCIPLESHIP". This holy material is very useful to me and my linked pastors. I informed them of this holy material. We proposing to conduct a Youth meeting in Krishna district on 6th Feb 2012, please pray for this meeting. I hope nearly 400 youth will be attending, and we pray for our Heavenly Father to save many of them through this meeting. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother, Pastor Ephraim Penumala


30th Jan 2012

Brothers Danny & Terri Maher, please pray for the salvation of the 6 Lambadi Colonies (Tribal colonies) which we are working with. We need your Bible study book on ‘DISCIPLESHIP' which you attached to my mail. I shared this with my linked assemblies and they are all very interested to receive this book. So, please send this to me. And we need your prayers our tracts ministry in 4 districts of my state. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother. Pastor Ephraim Penumala


27th Jan 2012

Brothers Danny & Terri Maher, yesterday our gospel team gathered and we spend 2 hours in prayer, we pray for you and your family and also your needs and your health, and next we pray for our ministry needs. We happily conducted the Bicycle Gospel Rally to 6 Lambadi Colonies (Tribal colonies). These people do not know our Lord Jesus Christ. They worshiped the forest goddess.  They people eagerly received the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, and they requested us to visit them once or twice a month. We are very happy to do this because our God is with us and He is ready to save these people in future through our tracts ministry. Please pray for our ministry and our linked assemblies and my needs. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother. Pastor Ephraim Penumala


20th Jan 2012

Brothers Danny & Terri Maher, at our prayer meeting I introduce you and your family and also our tracts ministry first, and we pray for you and your needs for ONE hour. Yesterday we successfully conducted the Sisters meeting here, 510 women attended this meeting and our senior sisters and I preached the word of God and he won 70 new souls through this meeting. These new souls declared their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ deliberately. I attached them to the nearest of our linked assemblies. Our gospel team is planning to conduct a Bicycle Gospel Rally to 6 remote villages of my area. Please pray for this rally that we may win some souls through this, and our Telugu tracts. And please pray for our linked assemblies and their needs and my services. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother. Ephraim Penumala


7th Jan 2012

Brothers Danny & Terri Maher, I am now recovered from fever. Please pray for our first visiting on 9-1-2012 to the  TB Hospital. Our Heavenly Father is with us, he blessed our tracts ministry in my areas and He has saved so many souls through our tracts ministry. We need for your precious prayers for our linked assemblies and my family to win more souls in this year 2012 trough our tracts ministry, this is my desire of this year. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother. Pastor Ephraim Penumala

5th Jan 2012

Brothers Danny & Terri Maher, please forgive me my late reply because I was suffering from a fever over the last 2 days, but now I am recovered.  Please pray for our first Gospel visit of this new year, on Monday 9th Jan, this will be to the TB Hospital. Our desire is to win some souls and to see some patients healed through our tract ministry. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother. Pastor Ephraim Penumala


2nd Jan 2012

Brothers Daniel and Terri Maher, the watch night service in the 31th Dec was successfully conducted. Many Hindu and Muslim men and women attended and we worshiped our Lord and 25 souls were won for him. Our linked pastors are conducting are conducting prayer nights in their churches during this first week of 2012. We are praying for our church needs, our future needs for our ministry, our sick believers and that we may see many souls saved through our ministry. These are our main needs for this New Year. Please pray for us. Also, on Monday 9th Jan we are planning to visit the local TB hospital. We do this on a monthly basis. God bless you richly. Pastor Ephraim Penumala



1st Jan 2012

    Sadly, because of lack of funds we have been unable to assist the work in Myanmar for some time, but we would urge you all to pray for this great work being carried out there by Rev. Martin Lalthangliana, GOSPEL OUTREACH MISSION; 

    Dear Friends and co-workers, I am sharing the ministries that I am doing during December and Christmas. God is amazingly blessed with my personal ministries as well as ministries of Gospel Outreach Mission around the country.
    Revival Crusade - On December 2, our invited chief guests from Mizoram, India for revival crusade speaker and soloist arrived Yangon to do revival crusade among the Chin and Mizo people. They were young, energetic and committed to the Lord's work. We start the crusade with Yangon Lutheran Church on Dec. 3rd and on Dec. 5 until Dec. 7 at Methodist English Church from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The average attendance is about 600 everyday. The people in Yangon are revived with the Holy Spirit and the ministry is very successful.
    On Dec. 8th, I went to Tahan with a team of 5 people including our speaker and soloist. The crusade was held at Tahan Presbyterian Church, starting from Dec. 9th until Dec. 13th. The crusade was done day and night on Saturday and Sunday and only at night on other 3 days. Every attendance at worship service is 1,500. The people are very blessed with the message as the speaker's message is focusing on Bible and encourage renewing lives and transformed with the Holy Spirit.
    Christmas at Hope Education Centre - A Christmas celebration was held at Hope Education Centre on Dec. 23rd afternoon with the students of HEC, their families and staff. Leaders from Yangon Lutheran Church went there to share the Christmas message. Our missionary teacher, Mr. Manna Ling chaired the service and the main message was preached by our evangelist Mr. Lalthanzaua. About 35 children, some members of their families, staffs of HEC and church leaders, altogether about 50 people enjoyed and celebrate Christmas. Since most of the children and their families were purely Buddhists, our message aimed to share only the love of God, meaning of Christmas and why Jesus was born. At the end of the service, many presents were given to outstanding students in school class, and also students with good discipline and regular attendance at HEC class. After the service, dinner was provided along with evangelism tracts and booklets.
    Christmas at Shwe Pyi Tar Mission Church - I thought I was never going to be able to celebrate Christmas at Shwe Pyi Tar Mission Church because of the health condition of our missionary, Mr. Min Lwin Oo's wife, Mrs. Khin War. But Mr. Min Lwin Oo still want to celebrate Christmas like old times as this is the best time to share Christmas message and gospel with the unbelievers and believers around where they live. Pastor Lalchuka, Evangelist Lalthanzaua and I went there to celebrate Christmas on Dec. 24th in the morning. The main message was given by Pastor Lalchuka; sharing the love of God for all the people around the world, send his one and only Son in this world to save sinners. About 50% of the worshipers were Buddhists and they especially came to hear the Christmas message and find out more about the meaning. After the service, tracts and booklets along with the lunch were provided to the people.
    Christmas in Yangon - Every year, a Christmas celebration was held on Dec. 24th night and the whole day on Dec. 25th and it is same with this year 2011. About 60 people including the children from Immanuel Children Home came to church. The Christmas message was shared by Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Lal Sawi Thanga and songs, choir from ICH children, and Christmas gift exchange program were done during the service in the afternoon. After the service, we sing songs together and have fellowship and have dinner together. It was very happy Christmas.
    We've distributed evangelism books, booklets and tracts on every service. A lot of distributors from Bago, Yangon, Sagaing, Shan and Kachin State requested literature for Christmas and we've distributed thousands of booklets and tracts and share the gospel among the unbelievers. It was indeed joyful. We covet your prayers, financial support for children home and missionaries, and funds for continuation of printing Christian literature. We cannot go on without your help.

    This news will be the last news around Gospel Outreach Mission that I can share in the year 2011. Hope you will enjoy!
In Christ, Rev. Martin Lalthangliana, Gospel Outreach Mission, 247 Bogyoke Street, Yangon 11182, Myanmar

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