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Written by Danny   
Sunday, 12 September 2010 04:55

We shared last month how evangelist John Banda, from Malawi, had started a series of crusades, spread over a number of months, in his country. He is doing this at the request of the governing authorities there. Those crusades are progressing well, but we wait on word from him of what our God is doing in men's hearts.

This is a report which just came in from JOHN BANDA in MALAWI;

Brothers Danny & Terri Maher, and all supporters, I just want to take this opportunity to first thank God, then you, brothers Danny and Terri, and all the people worldwide who support your vision. Thank you very much for wanting to help us, and send to us Chichewa tracts through our brother Phillip. Our mission took three months and two weeks. We went into hospitals, prisons and education centres. (Schools, colleges and universities) The following are the people who got saved through your tracts; (1) Students = 30,251, (2) Prisoners = 9,240, (3) Sick people = 50,910, + 5,000 who died after ,we gave them tracts and prayed for their salvation. (4) Witches = 15, (5) Witch doctors = 2, (6) Street children = 15, 200, (7) Harlots = 9,415, Which is in TOTAL = 115,033. Brothers, thank you very much for this heavy, good and wonderful work. The people and the leaders here are asking you to help us again next time, if you are in a good position financially. May the Lord protect, and give spiritual and physical strength to all of you, AMEN. John Banda.

Pastor Peter Siwale, in Dodoma, Tanzania, has also started several months of crusades in that very large city and the surrounding areas. Please remember him in your prayers, as that country has a very high percentage of Muslims, so the opposition is very great.

Evangelist George Otieno, from Nairobi, Kenya, is also running a series of crusades over a number of months. This also is at the request of the governing authorities there.

Our representative in East and Central Africa, Pastor Phillip Mahali, is supplying the needs of these preachers for us, as best we can from our limited supply of funds. The patience of all these godly men, in the face of our inabilities, and the hardships they face daily, is very challenging and encouraging to us. Phillip, his wife Kissa, and their young boys, were just recently evicted from their home, because of their inability to pay rent. In the past we have been priviliged to assist them in some small way with this, but, because of their awareness of our limited funds, and the ever increasing demand for materials, they did not feel right about asking us for help this time. We knew nothing of their predicament until very recently, when we discovered that the whole family is living in a tent, in very dangerous conditions. However, they still use whatever funds we can manage to send, to supply tracts for as many of those workers as possible. We are also very encouraged and challenged by their love for our Lord, and for his work of reaching those who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a privilege we have in serving such brethren!!

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