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Written by Danny   
Monday, 06 June 2011 22:58

This work in the Khammam district of Andrea Pradesh, India has just begun in this month of May 2011 through the efforts and contacts made by our very dear brother in the Guntur district of the same state.

The following are some extracts from Ephraim's email about this work;


10th Nov 2011

Brothers Danny & Terri, the Khammam districts pastors Bicycle Gospel Rally was very fruitful in the 5 villages on 7th. They spread the word of God and distributed our tracts, and 10 new souls were won through this. Yesterday they informed me of this good news, so I am very happy. Please pray for these new souls. Yesterday we visited the TB hospital and we pray for these patients and preached the word of God. We also distributed our tracts to the patients and hospital staff. In this visit 7 patients and 4 staff members accepted our Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour. They now want us to visit monthly and we are very happy to do this. Please pray for the patients healing and salvation. We also plan to conduct a sister’s one day meeting in my area on 17th. Please pray for this. We are expecting 500 to 600 to attend. We informed our linked assemblies of this meeting. They and their pastors are praying, and we are all waiting for this month’s supply of our Telugu tracts. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother, Pastor Ephraim Penumala


8th Nov 2011

Brothers Danny & Terri, yesterday the Khammam district pastors successfully completed the Bicycle Gospel Rally in 5 villages in their area, and some believers participated with them in this Rally. They preached the word of God and they distributed our Telugu tracts to these villages. Tomorrow we plan to the visit TB hospital near my town, so please pray for this. We will proclaim God's word and we will pray for their salvation and their healing. God bless you richly. Thank you, Pastor Ephraim Penumala


28th July 2011

Brothers Danny & Terri, yesterday I attended the Khammam district pastors meeting and we discussed our tracts ministry to their area. Nearly fifty pastors attended and they given their testimonies. Our Telugu tracts ministry has helped save so many people and their assemblies have been strengthened and blessed. Almost all these pastors happily shared their testimonies. I am very happy that our tracts ministry has covered so many villages and towns in this district. All these pastors prayed for three hours for you, your family and also your ministries. They made plans for the four district outreach on 15th of August. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother, Pastor Ephraim Penumala

13th July 2011

Brethren Danny & Terri, the Prakasam district pastors have invited me to their pastor’s seminar on 16-7-2011. They want to discuss our future tracts ministry to that district, and to share their assemblies’ situations and their needs. Please pray for our tracts ministry in my state, as my desire is we win 1000 souls by the end of this year for our Lord's kingdom, and to do this through our tracts. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother, Ephraim Penumala

11th July 2011

My dear brothers Danny & Terri, today my team I got home from doing the Lord's work over the last 2 days in some Tribal colonies in the Khammam district. Our God was with us and he saved some people through our tracts ministry, and very soon we wil be starting two worship meetings in those colonies. They have asked us to visit monthly. Please pray for these people’s salvation.  God bless you richly. Pastor Ephraim Penumala

12th June 2011

Brothers Danny & Terri, we are all safe by the grace of God and your precious prayers. My team and my family visited 4 Tribal colonies in the Khammam district on 8th, 9th and 10th.  We returned to my home and I am sending these report for your kind notice. We visited these colonies door to door and we spread the word of God and we distributed our tracts, which they happily received.  We prayed for the sick. Mainly these people did not know our Lord Jesus Christ and their life is very different, they
worshiped the forest idols. For those 3 days we gathered the people in thecentre of the colony in the evening and we sang some songs and introduce our Lord Jesus Christ to them. Some received the good news with interest. 30 souls were saved during this visit, and soon we will start worship meetings with them Brother, please pray for these people’s salvation, as they want us to visit again next month on the same dates. Their culture and food are very different, so I did not adjust easily, but we are happy to do our tracts ministry for them. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother. Yours, pastor Ephraim Penumala

26th May 2011, Khammam District, Andrea Pradesh, India

Brothers Danny & Terri, thank you for your kind reply and for your kind co-operation of our Tracts ministry in my state. Yesterday we visited some Tribal colonies in Khammam district and we saw and heard that the people’s traditions are so bad. They did not know of our Lord Jesus Christ, they are always drinking and worshiping the forest idols.
One believer from those Tribal colonies attended our Krishna district meetings and told me of these people’s sin filled lives. Yesterday I went to the Khammam district personally, and I meet the Tribal elders and I introduced our Lord Jesus Christ and His life to them. They agreed to my visiting their colonies, and to spreading the word of God and to saving these people. I am very happy for this good response of these elders.
Next I meet with some pastors from the villages nearest to these colonies and I shared our tracts ministry with them. They happily agree to co-operate with our tracts ministry to these Tribal colonies, and also in their own areas. So, next month on 8th and 9th we go there and carry out our ministry in that place. Please pray for our tracts ministry. Here, we pray for you and your family and also your health. God bless you richly. Thanking you brethren. Pastor Ephraim Penumala.
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