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Tuesday, 17 August 2010 04:29

The work in MALAWI started in 2009 when evangelist JOHN BANDA contacted us, asking for tracts in, if possible, in the CHICHEWA language of that area. The meeting of that request was made possible for us by Pastor PHILLIP MAHALI, in MBEYA, TANZANIA, who not only had some tracts translated in CHICHEWA, and had them printed for us in MBEYA, but also delivered them to JOHN. What an incredible blessing the work of this beloved brother has been to us in so many different countries in that area of CENTRAL and EAST AFRICA. We praise and worship our wonderful God and Father for his amazing grace.

The following are exptacts from some encouraging emails we have received from JOHN:

1st Dec 2011

Brothers in Christ Daniel & Terri, how are you my beloved brothers. Next week on Sunday John Banda and his team they will begin a two month mission, so on Monday the same week I will be on the way to Malawi with blankets. I am asking for transport funds, also as the Lord provides, I am asking if possible to get more funds for John’s needs, and also the tracts which will be needed again for them. Next week Mary Pierre and other brothers will be finishing their missions but a few of them they will be remaining for another two weeks. So I am asking you to pray for me as I am praying for you also that God may give you financial breakthrough. Amen and Amen. Philip & Kissa Mahali


13th Oct 2011

Brothers in Christ Daniel & Terri Maher, I thank God I am back home safely. All the people and the teams in Malawi greet you. John needs help because the fire burned everything and all he has is one trouser, one shirt and one pair of shoes. Everything else is gone. The people who burned his house are in prisons. I have planned to have door to door evangelisms for two weeks around my city, so I will need some tracts, as Lord provides you. Don’t forget Mary and the brothers from Zimbabwe and Mozambique, also AS LORD PROVIDES. God bless you. Your sons, pastors Philip & Kissa Mahali


10th Oct 2011

My beloved brothers in Christ Daniel & Terri Maher, Greetings, I am here in Malawi at police central with John ready for statements. Really he is in a very, very dangerous situation because the fire burned everything he had. I will give you the full information on Wednesday when I will be at home because tomorrow I will be on the way back to Tanzania. It is sad for me to have to tell John and his fellow workers that you are unable to send funds for tents, blankets, mosquito nets and water, but there is really nothing for us to say concerning this. Let’s continue to believe and wait before the Lord. We are here with John and we need to go inside the police station for more discussions and statements. I will tell you more later. God bless you. Pastor Philip Michael Mahali


29th Sept 2011

Brethren in Christ, Danny and Terri, first of all let me apologise for not communicating with you for many days. Really I was in a very, very bad and dangerous situation because groups of Muslim guys came at night and burned my house. so I have had to go and stay with my parents in their village where there is no power or internet. But today I am in town again to report at the police station for statements and I will stay here for only two days then I will be back to the village. Thank you and be blessed. John Banda


24th Sept 2011

Beloved brothers in Christ Daniel & Terri, thank you so much for your email. Sadly, tell your fellowship that agents or the enemy of our gospel burned down the John Banda’s house in Malawi and I am struggling to find him. Maybe I will need to go there and see him. Philip & Kissa Mahali


31th Aug 2011   

    At month’s end we are waiting for reports from the following evangelists, John Banda in Malawi, Peter Siwale in Dodoma
(Tanzania) and George Otieno who finishes two months of crusades in Uganda next week. Please continue to pray for these evangelists some of whom are suffering major health problems because of the conditions they labour under for the Lord. Also, please pray for Mary Pierre (Makecho) and her husband Daniel who begin two months of evangelism in the Democratic Republic of Congo next week.


20th July 2011

Dear brethren in Christ, Danny & Terri Maher, Very sorry. Yes I was in hospital for almost two weeks suffering from typhoid, malaria and other chest problems. This has happened several times after finishing our missions because of environment problems, especially in the villages. We drink dirty water and we sleep on the ground full of dust and without blankets or even mosquito nets. This is the life style of the people who living in our villages. Pastor Philip knows this but he told us that there is no budget for these tools but only for literatures. So if possible you can tell your friends or other organizations who may be able
to help us to get blankets, tents, nets and safe water for the next time. Two brothers have already died during the last mission and we have buried them in their villages. So after I came out of hospital I went again to those villages for the funeral.

The following are the numbers of peoples who got saved; Young ladies 750, Young boys 230, Women 1200 and men 92. We baptized 56 of them and 1000 of them are now in churches getting teaching.

Brethren, the harvest is great and we are ready to continue with this missions because it is a part of our life. Next time we will need many tracts and if possible, tents, nets, blankets and safe water. Please allow me to hear from you soon. We  love you and are praying for you. John Banda.


15th March 2011

Brothers in Christ Danny & Terri, I hope I have not offended you by not having been in contact with you for several months now, but I was involved in an accident which left my leg affected a lot. I was in hospital for several months and only now I am opening my emails.
We were supposed to begin a mission last month but we failed because I was in hospital, so we have arranged to begin ON 28 MARCH 2011. This will be for two month. PLEASE HELP US WITH TRACTS AS LORD PROVIDES YOU. Stay in peace. John Banda.  
We have been able to assist in some way, but this need is obviously ongoing.

15th Sept 2010

Brothers Danny & Terri and all supporters, I want to take this opportunity to first thank our God, and then you my brothers, and all who support your vision. Thank you very much for being ready to help us, sending Chichewa tracts through our brother Pastor Phillip. Out mission took three months and two weeks. we went into hospitals, prisons and education centres, i.e. schools, colleges and universities. The following are the people who got saved through your tracts; 30,251 students, 9240 prisoners, 50,910 sick people (+5,000 who died after we gave them tracts and prayed for them), 15 witches, 2 witch doctors, 15,200 street children, 9,415 harlots, totaling 115,033. Thank you brothers for this very big, good and wonderful work. The people here, and their leaders are asking you to help us again next time, if you are in aposition to do so. May the Lord protect you all, and give you spiritual and physical health. Amen. John Banda.

3rd Sept 2010

My brethren, Danny & Terri Maher, thaank you very much for the Chichewa tracts which I received on Sunday night from our brother Phillip in Tanzania. God has done wonders, the like of which we have not seen before. Next week I promise to send testimonies to you. On behalf of the government leaders, church leaders, school leaders, hospital leaders, prison leaders and traditional leaders, I just want to say again THANK YOU. Blessings be upon you, and may the Lord increase your days here on earth, and protect you from the snares of the fowler, and may he protect you from all diseases. This prayer is for you Danny and Terri, and for all your supporters. Amen. John Banda, Malawi.

6th Aug. 2010

Last month evangelist JOHN BANDA began another outreach crusade in MALAWI. Pastor Phillip Mahali, from TANZANIA, has arranged tracts for him in the CHICHEWA language, and has joined him for the first month there. Please pray for the success of this mission.

10th April 2010

Brethren in Christ, Dan & Terri Maher, I want to take this opportunity to thank God, and you also, for sending our brother PHillip with many CHICHEWA tracts. The missions are very, very good, and never happen before. More than 200 people got saved. People are very, very interseted, and many tracts are needed. We know you have responcibilities worldwide which need a lot of money. EVERY SUNDAY, MORE THAN 2OO WILL BE GATHERED TOGETHER FOR FASTING AND PRAYER FOR YOU, AND YOUR VISION. We believe God will make a way for you to fulfil your vision. God bless you. JOHN BANDA.

13th Feb 2010

Brothers Danny & Terri Maher, the mission was real good and wonderful. 50 people got saved. Muslims,devil worshipers, students, witches, and so may kinds of people. Government people are now very happy, we are friends and they look after us, and guard us from evil men. We need more tracts, and may God bless you too. JOHN BANDA.

6th Feb 2010

Brothers Danny & Terri, thank you for your emai, and yes, we know the situation you face. Let us wait before our God. we have been in communication with PASTOR PHILLIP, and he told us he should wait, in order to come with tracts.
Brothers, 90% of these missions here in MALAWI depends on CHICHEWA tracts, so we will continue with missions, but please help us, and send CHICHEWA tracts through PHILLIP. We will be happy if we get the tracts before completing the mission here in MALAWI. Let me wait to hear from you. God bless you. JOHN BANDA.

14th Jan 2010

Brothers Dan & Terri Maher, I am greeting you in the powerful name of JESUS CHRIST our Saviour. On behalf of the church leaders, government, and all people here in MALAWI, I want to say thank you very much for again sending us our brother PHILLIP MAHALI from TANZANIA. He came with more than 20,000 CHICHEWA tracts, and more than 50 people got saved. Glory to God who dirests you.
My brothers, every time when we meet in prayer, we tell our people to come for tracts, and we lift you all up to God in prayer. {This is what PASTOR PHILLIP has taught us to do} Again, your work is not in vain. And would you please remember us agin at the end of the month if possible. It's nice to hear from you. God bless you. Evangelist JOHN BANDA. MALAWI.

21th Dec 2009

My brothers, Dan & Terri Maher, Shalom. I am greeting you in the name of JESUS CHRIST, our Saviour. Let me say thank you very much for again sending our brother, Pastor PHILLIP, from TANZANIA with many CHICHEWA tracts. More than 200 people got saved. Thank you again because our target/goal of distributing tracts is now finished for this year. We are asking and praying for God's favour for next year, 2010. And we are asking you as a founder to remember us again from January. Please don't leave us lonely. Would you please allow us to hear from you? Evangelist JOHN BANDA.
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