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Tuesday, 17 August 2010 04:53

Our first contact in this part of AFRICA was a Pastor Bekinbo Ibuwariso, in Nigeria . Through his many personal struggles, and very difficult situations, this brother has remained in close contact with us over the years. And while our ability to supply tracts to him has been very limited, nevertheless, we continue to greatly value and appreciate the fellowship we have had with him. Through him we have become involved with a number of other brethren in that country, but, as with everywhere else, because of our very limited resources, and our dependence on our God to stir the hearts of his people to support this work, so far this has been very limited support indeed.


3rd Dec 2011, 

Dear brother, God bless you sir. The Lord is good and there is joy unspeakable over here as we have received the 72 fine bibles you sent to us through pastor Bekinbo. Brother, we say thank you a billion times and may the Lord bless you to his glory. All the bibles have been distributed yesterday evening. Brother we all are happy and we thank you very much. God will bless your ministry. Amen! Ify Obi

7th Dec 2011

Dear power in the pews ministry, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. i praise and thank our heavenly Father for what your ministry is doing around the world;  your reward will be a billion fold, Amen! I am an evangelist from the above ministry and we evangelize in prison yards, market places, hospitals and house to house sharing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and many has given their lives to Christ. I got your information through the internet and I have been using your messages to teach. Beloved, we would need your help with booklets, tracts and 250 complete bibles to give out to new converts. Thanks, yours in him, Pastor Celestine


29th Nov 2011

Danny, This morning our Bro Ifeanyi Obi phoned me and gave me his contact address. I will send the 72 bibles to him through EDO LINES COURIER. The items will leave tomorrow morning to Ibadan. He will collect it on Wednesday 30th November 2011. God bless you. Love, Bekinbo Ibuwariso


29th Nov 2011

As I wrote in our October report, this new contact came in on the last day of that month. We asked for prayer, as we knew we’d need a miracle of our God’s wisdom and provision for us to be able to assist these brethren in any way. A week or so later the Lord provided that miracle. While sharing the urgent need at a lunch with some friends, one brother there said simply, “I’ll meet that need”. As we were about to leave he quietly slipped enough funds into my pocket to meet the total costs of the bibles. This means that on Wed 30th Nov, thanks in no small way to our dear brother Pastor Bekinbo Ibuwariso, these brethren will receive their bibles and begin reaching out to others in their city. The tracts they requested will come later as Bekinbo tells us that our printer in that country is very busy with the usual Christmas rush. OUR GOD IS SO VERY GOOD AND KIND!


9th March 2011, Rivers State, Nigeria


We had a mission in my home town of Abonnema recently. We were in spiritual warfare, looking for 100% victory for our Lord Jesus. I was at the battle front with the host of heaven taking their commands from Jesus Christ. God's forces put the devil and its agents to complete shame. We praise God because more than 1,000 persons gave their lives to him. I wished the program would continue. Bekinbo

15th Dec 2010

Some weeks ago we were contacted by a university student from the city of Aba, Nigeria, asking for tracts so that he could, as he put it, "Spread the gospel of Christ". We asked our dear brother Bekinbo if we could meet that brother's needs through him, and he graciously agreed. The following is an extract from an email we received from Bekinbo which came in yesterday;

Dear Danny, Nweke Rapheal called this afternoon from Aba and picked up the tracts you directed me to give to him. He was very grateful. God bless you. Love, Bekinbo. 

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