Verse of the Week 2Tim 2:20-21 Print
Written by Danny   
Thursday, 13 January 2011 22:38

"In a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and earthenware; some for noble use, some for ignoble. If anyone purifies himself from what is ignoble, he will be a vessel fit for noble use, consecrated and useful to the Master of the house, ready for any good work."

As I have said many times to many people, I would really love to be a vessel of gold or silver for the Masters use, but have to settle for being an earthenware one; a vessel of clay.


But every day I praise my God for what he has done in me, cleansing me from all sin by the blood of his Son, Jesus. Each day opening my heart and mind to understand and take in his written Word, as shown in his scriptures, and in that process finding just how effective that Word is in washing away all the rubbish ideas, false values and thinking which I cannot avoid coming into contact with, as they are constantely been thrown at me through the media as I live my life in this spiritually dark western world. And this is especially so in the areas of entertainment and advertising.

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