Verse of the Week Psalm 94:18-19 Print
Written by Danny   
Saturday, 12 February 2011 02:24

"When I thought my step was slipping your steadfast love held me up my Lord. When the cares of my heart were many your consolations (of your Word) cheered my soul."

This wonderful passage of our God's Word has been such a great blessing to me over many years. Every time I read it, it again excites my soul. It reminds me of the many times I thought I had gone too far; sure that there was no hope. The times when there seemed to be no answer; those times of darkness when the future seemed so bleak; the times when I wondered what was going to become of Terri and our family. And of course there were the times when I just plainly felt sorry for myself.


This beautiful passage of scripture reminds me of our great God's faithfulness to me, in and through Christ Jesus alone. He not only held me up, keeping me from falling headlong, but many times he literlly picked me up and carried me, when I simple could no longer put one foot past the other; those times when my nerves were shot to pieces because of foolish mistakes and wrong decisions I had made.

Every day this powerful Word reminds me very forcibly that he has never failed me, even though I have failed him many times. AMAZING GRACE!!

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