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Written by Danny   
Friday, 15 July 2011 23:01


“Practice hospitality ungrudgingly toward one another;”

   Our work with Christian Tract Outreach has involved us in moving among many different church groups and denominations. Sadly we have found that genuine, warm, welcoming hospitality is very often lacking. There is of course an initial welcome, but as we share that our commitment can never be solely to a single group, but is, and must be, to the whole body of Christ, worldwide,we find ourselves gradually being left on the outside.
   For us, genuine ungrudging hospitality is the wholehearted welcoming of strangers into our family home, simply because this is what the Master tells us to do in his word, (Heb 13:2, 3John V5), always speaking and acting in such a way as to cause them to feel at home with us. While we realise that this could be a dangerous practice if we depended on just natural instincts to exercise caution, nevertheless, we have found if we rely entirely on the witness of the mighty Spirit of our God to fulfil the word which Jesus spoke about knowing his voice, in John 10:1-5 & 7:17, then there is no problem.
   After all, one of the prime purposes of our receiving the Holy Spirit is that he would “guide us into all the truth”. (John 16:13) He will not allow us to be deceived, provided our will is to do his will in everything, and that we trust in the Lord with all of our heart and do not rely on, or lean on, our own understanding, acknowledging in all our ways that he, and he alone, is in complete control, and that he will direct our paths in the way which he knows is best for his purposes and for our eternal good, never again allowing ourselves to think that we are wise enough to know what’s best in any situation, but instead choosing to fear the Lord and to turn away from evil. (Pro 3:5-7, Isaiah 8:12-13)
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