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"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God..." (John 1:1)

"He is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which He is called is the Word of God." (Rev 19:13)

"...Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever." (Hebrews 13:8)

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Written by Danny   
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 04:53

Our work here started with a request for tracts from a Pastor JOHN BOATENG. Through him it has spread to other centres, with outreach to, as he has put it, the "unreached villages" in that country. He has had some tracts translated into, and printed in, the local TWI and FANTI languages. As the Lord makes funds available, we will also have them printed in FRENCH, as there are some pastors seeking materials in that language. We are told that this is the most widely used language in the neighbouring countries of IVORY COAST and TOGO. 

The following are extracts from some of Pastor John Boateng's correspondence with us: {P.S. Pastor John likes to call Terri and I Mum and Dad, as do some others also, maybe it's because of our age. {He smiles) 

24th April 2012, Ghana

Dear Dad/Mum. How are you doing? Hope all is well by His grace. We are also good. Dad sorry you did not hearing from me for some days, I was invited to preach at the Methodist church in my home town in the Eastern part of Ghana (Saamang). I took some of the Twi tract with me and they were very happy, and asked if we could provide them with more. About our Easter program; it went very well, 17 women and 6 men gave their life to Christ. We hope and pray that the good God will provide you with the resources to continue this good work .It is always a good feeling to seen people being saved from the kingdom of the devil into the wonderful Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Also thanks so much for taking the trouble to send us the money from Ian. Please pray for people to help us build the Bible school and to train people for the work of God in this part of the world. Dad, Mary is asking me when we can can Skype with dad/mum. What should I tell her? Be bless; Your son John Boateng.

6th April 2012, Ghana

Hello Dad/Mum, we were very happy to receive the money for the tracts. It will do us so much good in helping win souls. Thanks so much for help. Did Ian contact you? He wanted you to help sent some money as we are going to buy a plot of land for our Bible school. We were thinking if he sent it to you, you will be able to send it by Western union to me. He said he was going to contact you. Hope you can help. Your son John Boateng


12th March 2012, Takoradi, Ghana

Dear Dad & Mum, we are in the second week of March and the pastors are requesting tracts and are expecting to hear from me. We pray and hope the Lord will provide for us to continue His work. Your Son John Boateng

7th Feb 2012, Ghana

Dear how are you and mum. Hope God is blessing you. I just want to inform you of requests that have come in for tracts for February. Pastor Divian from Togo – French: Pastor Awudu – Northern Ghana, Hausa language: Pastor Thomas, Twi language: We pray the Master provides funds to help. Be blessed. Your son John Boateng


5th Feb 2012, Ghana

Report for January 2012 for Christian outreach work in Ghana and  West Africa.
Pastor John N.K. Boateng the leader of the organization here received $630 AUD from Danny and Terri Maher. $330 AUD was used to print 60 copies of  DISCIPLESHIP BIBLE STUDIES BOOK for pastor Anthony in Liberia , to start Christian Outreach work in that country. $80 AUD was used to post the books from Ghana to Liberia. $220 AUD was used to print 22,000 copies of Gospel tract in TWI the language for Pastor Mercy Armah.  This came to $630 AUD sent to us by Danny and Terri Maher. I wish to thank all partners for supporting Dad Danny and Terri to continue to spread the Gospel in this part of the world. Hope and pray that you continue to support this wonderful work of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In His service, Pastor John Boateng, Ghana, West Africa


26th Jan 2012, Takoradi, Ghana

Yes dad and Mum that is His name, Israel Maher Boateng. I told you that you are both very special to us and this honour is even too small.

I attached Israel’s picture to my last email did you get it? Also, when do you think we are going to be able to send the “DISCIPLESHIP” study books to pastor Anthony and print tract for this month? Pastor Marcy has request Twi tracts. Hope to hear from you soon. Your son John Boateng


23rd Jan 2012, Takoradi, Ghana

Hello Dad & Mum. Our prayer answering God has answered our prayers and Mary has giving birth to a baby boy  today Sunday 22nd  at 5:45pm  I just want say thanks you so much for your prayers support and all you have done for us. We are very blessed to have parent like you who will do so much to support their children. May the Good God bless you with good health and long life. We truly love you as our parents. Your children, John and Mary Boateng


20th Jan 2012, Liberia

Hello Dad and Mum, thanks for your concern. The baby is not born yet, we are praying and waiting. Mum, Mary is worry because her time is due. I wish you could talk to her. I called Pastor Anthony and inform him that the books are ready and that we will send it as soon as possible. Hope you had a good weekend. Will speak with you on Skype soon, your son John Boateng


10th Jan 2012, Ghana

Dear Dad and Mum what you sent is a perfect front cover for the “DISCIPLESHIP” study book , but do you please still want another introduction? As for me I believe what you sent is okay. Pastor Anthony called me today, 10th Jan, to find out how things are going. We hope the printing will start this week, but we must also know the quantity which is to be printed. Your son Pastor John Boateng


4th Jan 2012, Ghana

Hello Dad and Mum, just want to say be strong in the Lord and the power of His might knowing that your work in Him will not be in vain, even if people do not seem to trust you I believe God trust you and so don’t give up. That is my pray for you it is His work which not yours, as you always say. We continue to love you. God bless and keep you for the good work. Son John Boateng


31st Dec 2011

We are looking to our Master/Provider to make the necessary funds available to have at least sixty copies of our bible studies on “Discipleship” printed and ready for use in January for Ghana, Liberia and possibly Togo and Ivory Coast 


28th Dec 2011

Thank Dad for the tract funds. About the bible studies, I believe this is what we need in these last days. They are so good and I want to print copies for all the pastors of The Cross Ministries. For me, they are one of the best studies I have read. They will bring a lot of blessing to all those who will use them. And I believe these are going to be our teaching material for the year 2012. It so wonderful because we always start new teaching at the beginning of every year and this has come at right time. I believe we need to add these last studies you sent to one big book. I have to send them one to the printing house to see how much it will cost all together. Love, your son, John Boateng


17th Dec 2011

Hello Dad, we are praying that God will make the funds available to print the other 30,000 tracts. Also, I like the bible study notes so much it look me two days to read them. They were very good. I will have a cope to teach my people. I will talk to you to see how best we can get them printed. I have given them to the printing house to get an estimate. I will inform you as soon as it is ready. Hope we can talk on Skype soon. Your son John Boateng


28th Nov 2011

Hello Dad and Mum, thanks again for making it possible for me to come in contact with Ian Trail. I am very grateful. Dad 35 people gave their life to Christ, and thousands came to the crusade. This was one of the biggest crusades we have had. Concerning the new pastors who want the CTO tracts, I know they are also good pastors and are doing the work here, I will therefore ask that we help them. I told them, if you agreed, it will not be till December since we have already used the November funds. Dad this is what I am thinking; there are four and if we can give them 20,000 tracts each we will need to print 80,000, and we would need $800 AUD for that. I hope and pray we are able to help these pastors. They are; Pastor Frank, Rev. Osa, Pastor Emmanuel and Pastor Peter. Love, your son, John Boateng


26th Nov 2011

Hello Dad and Mum, we have had a good time here with the Lord and Ian Trail, and I am writing this in the bus as I take Ian to Accra. I want to say thanks for introduce me to him, he is good man and I and my people love him very much. I will tell you more when I return, but for now four new pastors who came to the crusade have made a request for tracts. It is my prayer we will be able to help them, as the Master provide. Pray for us. Your son Pastor John Boateng


25th Oct 2011

Hello Dad and Mum. Are you back yet? By God’s is grace we are back from Axim with a lot of fulfilment. The promise of Christ in Matt 28:16-20 became real in our work. The power of the Gospels sings, sick people been healed and at the end of the three days 14 people gave their life to Christ, 5 children, 3 men and 6 women. Thanks for your support. Your son, John Boateng


21st Oct 2011

Hello Dad and Mum, thanks a lot. I got the funds and the tracts will be ready by tomorrow, which will help us so much. You did say it looked to you as if Abot was more successful than Abuesi but this it because Abuesi already has 19 churches whereas Abot has only 6, so there are more unsaved people in Abot. We need more help to saved them for Christ. Be blessed, your son John Boateng


18th Oct 2011

Dear dad and mum, we are back from Abot, and the crusade went well. 9 women and 13 men gave their lives to Christ but one of my prayer team members was very sick and was sent to the hospital on the Saturday. He is getting better. Please pray for him. His name is Prince Nykor. We are going to Axim this Friday and we are out of tracts. Hoping to hear from you, your son John Boateng


11th Oct 2011

Hello dad and mum, just a brief report on the first crusade of OCTOBER OF CHRIST in Abuesi. By our God’s grace 17 people (12 women and 5 men) were saved. Among they there was a Muslim and one woman drug addict who gave their lives to Christ. We will be going to Abot next and will need more tracts since we are almost out of them. Hoping to hear from you, your son John Boateng


6th Oct 2011

Hello Dad and Mum, I received the money and it came at right time. It will help me and the work so much. I am thankful to you and grateful to God for this help. I pray that He will continue to provide for His work. About Ian, I will Skype you when you come back. Love, your son John Boateng


2nd Oct 2011

Hello Dad Mum, I am back at Abuesi praying and preparing for OCTOBER FOR CHRIST 2011. As I inform you this is starting on Friday 7th to 10th at Abuesi, and we are believing the Lord to save soul for His Kingdom. As you know, the tool we cannot do without is the tracts. I pray that the Master will provide funds to make this program a success to His glory. Hope to her from you. Your son, John Boateng


27th Sept 2011

Dad, I told you something in the last mail about a program we are planning here. This is an evangelistic program we call ‘OCTOBER FOR CHRIST’. I have been doing this program for seven years now, and we go from house to house preaching about Christ. We will be doing three days crusade in Abuesi from 7th to 9th Oct, then in Axim from 14th to 16th, in Abot from 21st to 23nd, and finally in Cape Coast from 28th to 30th, and in between the crusades we will do house to house evangelism. Dad and Mum as you may see this is a very important program for me and I believe it will take the help of God to bring it to fulfilment; therefore we need your prayers and the prayers of all our partners. We also need about 80,000 tracts; 20,000 for each town. So I humble request the funds for these tracts to enable us to carry out this program. We hope and pray that the Master will make funds available for His work. Your sons, John& Mary Boateng


9th Sept 2011

Hello Dad and Mum, I am sending this email to ask if our Lord had responded to our prayer by providing funds, as you know all the pastors Togo Ivory coast and Ghana has been calling me for tracts. I pray He hear our prayers and helps our work here. God bless you. Your son Pastor John Boateng


6th Sept 2011

Hello Dad and Mum, we are praying for God to make some founds available for as his we need tracts. I hope you are able to help us print some as soon as possible. Your son Pastor John Boateng


30th Aug 2011

Hello Dad and Mum, I just return from the Cape Coast crusade and by the grace of God it went very well 13 people give their life to Christ. We pray that our God will continue to give us His grace to do the work. I am also praying that God provide funds for us to print the other tracts so we can complete the printing for month of August. Hope to hear from you. Your son, John Boateng


19th Aug 2011

Brothers Danny & Terri, yesterday, my mother and my sister conducted the meeting with our new Christian ladies.  They brought another 50 ladies to this meeting, and they heard the word of God and we advised them to attend the church activities at our nearest assemblies to them. Please pray for these women and their families. In the future we are expecting their families to also come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Our God is with us and is helping our ministry activities in many areas. Also, our Khammam district pastors have invite me to visit their tribal colonies on 22nd of this month (Monday). Please pray us and our linked assemblies. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother. Pastor Ephraim Penumala


30th Aug 2011  

Hello Dad and Mum, I just return from the Cape Coast crusade and by the grace of God it went very well 13 people give their life to Christ. We pray that our God will continue to give us His grace to do the work. I am also praying that God provide funds for us to print the other tracts so we can complete the printing for month of August. Hope to hear from you. Your son,

John Boateng


    25th July 2011

Hello dad, this is just a brief report of our prayer meeting last Saturday. Eleven pastors and five church leaders attended the meeting. Your mail came in late but we did pray about some of the things you wanted us to pray about. One thing we all pray and hope is that God will bless you so you can help us to spread the word through the tracts. We presented the 30,000 TWI tracts to pastor Mercy Armah. May the good God continually bless you and your work so you can continueto be a blessing to our ministry! Hope to hear from you soon. Your son, John Boateng
Hello dad, this is just a brief report of our prayer meeting last Saturday. Eleven pastors and five church leaders attended the meeting. Your mail came in late but we did pray about some of the things you wanted us to pray about. One thing we all pray and hope is that God will bless you so you can help us to spread the word through the tracts. We presented the 30,000 TWI tracts to pastor Mercy Armah. May the good God continually bless you and your work so you can continue to be a blessing to our ministry! Hope to hear from you soon. Your son, John Boateng

5th July 2011

Hello Dad and Mum, I want to thank you so much for your prayers for Abuesi crusade which we carried out with the local Christians. Even though it was not the same without tracts, the word was preached and 9 new people give their lives to Christ and 26 renew their walk with Him. We are hoping and praying that God will provide funds to print tracts for Pastor Mercy’s program. In His hands! Son John Boateng


20th June 2011,

Hello Dad and Mum, this is a brief report of our meeting on 18th June 2011. The meeting started at 9am and closed at 3:15pm.
In all 14 persons attained, 9 pastors and 5 Elders. We agree on the following issues: (1) To meet once a mouth to pray for the work of CTO. (2) To request tract once a mouth. (3) Report will be give to me for submission to you. (4) When a printing house is setup here in Ghana the pastor will contribute monthlyto pay for the electricity bill. Two new pastors joined us and they will want us to print tract in the Ga and Ewe languages. So for the next three months these are the tract and the pastors we will serve. Pastor John; 60,000 Twi copies, PastorMercy; 60,000 Twi copies, Pastor Thomas; 60,000 French copies: In conclusion I can say the meeting was very successful, by God’s Grace. Also, by the grace of God I am going to have my second evangelistic crusade with the Ghana Pentecostal churches. This will be for 5 days from 29th Jun. to 3nd Jul 2011 at Abuesi.  We will need about 70,000 copies of Twi tract to win souls for our God. We pray that he will provide the funds for this work. God bless you, son John.

19th April 2011

Hello dad and mum, I promised, here is our 2011 Easter convention program outline. It is taking place at Abuesi from 21st to 25th of April. All of our branches of Cross Ministries will be coming. In all we are expecting 475 people. We will have two sessions each day; morning and evening. The mornings will be House to House Evangelism; the evenings will be gospel crusade and miracle services. We will have an Easter party on Monday. I believe this week is a Holy week and we must take the opportunity to win souls for Christ. If you can help us print about 70,000 TWI tract for this program this week it will go a long way to help the Kingdom work. We are praying for this and we believe the Master will provide the funds for it.
I take the opportunity to wish you, mum and the whole family, a very Holy week and a blessed Easter. God Bless, your son Pastor John Boateng

13th April 2011

Hell Dad, how are you and mum? Please thank God with me for the wonderful work He did through me in Tamale in Pastor Awudu s church. As I was preaching the word of God a man who was passing heard it and came to the church to gave his life to  Christ, I have not seen such a miracle in my ministry life before.
The community is about 235,000 people and 85 percent are Muslim, therefore I continue to request that the Hausa tracks be printed to help win souls for Christ Kingdom. I pray that the Master will provide the funds for the printing of the 90,000 copies of Hausa. Once again thanks so much for your prayers for my journey. God bless, son Pastor John Boateng. 

8th April 2011

Hello dad I have been invited to preach this Sunday 10th April at Tamale Grace Apostolic Church, the invitation is from Pastor Awudu, one of the three pastors that requested Hausa tract. Dad I need your prayers because as I said this place is Muslim  dominated, also I have not made such as long trip before; from Takoradi to Tamale is 13 hour drive. I tried not to go but I can see the Holy Spirit wants me to, so I am surrounding my will to Him. They were expecting me to come with the tracts and I would have loved to do that, but as the Master has not provides the funds I will go tomorrow, by His grace, and preach His word. As you said, we will continue to wait for our God’s provision and I will ask them to pray for God to make funds available for this as soon as possible.
So dad and mum I need your prayer support this weekend, I also humbly request that you try forward some founds for the printing of the Hausa tracts. Son, Pastor John

8th March 2011

We received a request for 90,000 HAUSA tracts from a group of pastors in northern Ghana which is a very strong Muslim area.
We continue to look to the Master/Provider for the necessary funds to translate and print these tracts, as well as for other areas of need.

1st March 2011

Today we received a request for 60,000 TWI tracts for evangelist Mercy Armah, Ghana.
We were able to supply the need successfully, and that sister’s evangelistic outreach continues.

22nd Feb 2011, Ghana

Brothers in Christ, Danny & Terri, my mission team and I are involved in the Cape Coast crusade. Our hope is to plant a branch of Cross Ministries there. We are starting today, 21st Feb, and by the grace of God we will finish on 28th Feb. We need your prayers as always, but especially this time, as it is our first time in Cape Coast. Pastor Mercy Armah sends her greetings. Love. Your son, Pastor John Boateng. 

1st Feb 2011

Thanks dad and mum for praying for me. The program in Abot went well, by the grace of God. It was just a three day program; Friday to Sunday. On the Sunday 94 adults and 46 children came to church. The pastor told me it was the first time such numbers had come. Thanks be to God!
I would like you to join with me in giving thanks and praise to our God. I requested the local chapter of the Christian Counsel of Ghana to partner our ministry this year in our evangelistic and church planting program. I received mail on Friday of their acceptance and approval of our proposal.This means we are going to have more volunteers and equipment to work with.
We are going to have our first evangelism program at Cape Coast, which is the former capital of Ghana, from Monday 21st to Saturday 26th of Feb. I therefore humbly request your support to print 70,000 copies of TWI tracts. This will enable us to have a successful program. Your support and council will go a long way to save many souls for our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that the Great Provider will make the funds available for this work. Thanks for the support. Your son, Pastor John Boateng.

11th Jan 2011

Hello dad and mum. We thank God so much for protecting you and your family. It is so sad to see so much destruction in those floods. I saw it on CNN, and it's good to hear of God protecting his own. I do not know if this is the right time to forward Pastor Mercy's request for about 50,000 TWI tracts, but she needs them by the 24th Jan. Can you help? Please let me know so I can inform her. Your son, John Boateng.

10th Jan 2011

Hello mum and dad. Sorry for you not hearing from me, I took a week off to rest and seek God's direction for our ministries. This is the report for our Abuesi crusade, which was our last one for 2010. By the grace of God we were able to preach to 74,000 people in two weeks. 83 got saved; 25 women, 17 men, and 41 children. Many people renewed their faith in the Lord. I must say this great work was made easy with the help of the TWI tracts. Thanks, and God bless you and all your partners. Yours in his service, John Boateng, The Cross Ministries, Ghana.

7th Dec 2010

Hello dad and mum. Thanks very much for your support. Yes, the tracts are ready now, and we are ready also to start the crusade in Abuesi from Friday 10th Dec. Dad, at this time we need you and all your parthers' prayers that more people will give their lives to Christ. Also, would you please consider this request for me. There are three French pastors who need tracts in the French language. They are my friends, and I would like to help them, if posible, before the end of the year. Your son, John Boateng.

19th Nov 2010

Hello Dad and Mum. Thanks for the support of our mission to ABOT, a community of about 45,000 people. We spent two weeks preaching there. The funds you sent printed 38,000 TWI tracts, and all were given out. We preached morning and evening and 75 adults accepted Jesus as their Lord. Pastor David is thaking care of these believers.
Our last mission for this year will start on 5th Dec in ABUSI. This is a community of about 63,000 people and so we will need about 60,000 tracts. Dad, I'm sending this request at this time so that we can all prepare for it. Our work is growing so much because of the tracts, therefore we count on your help for a successful mission. Your son, John Boateng.

13th Oct 2010

Hello dad and mum, we are going to have two weeks of evangelism in ABOT, which is another branch of CROSS MINISTRIES. I am leading the mission team, and we will be having two types of program. First, one to one evangelism in the mornings, then outhdoor crusades in the evenings. We need tracts to enable us to go through this program successfully. We would like to start on the 17th Oct 2010, but we need tracts before we leave. I pray that our Provider will make funds available for this. We are counting on your support. Son, Pastor John Boateng.

12th Sept 2010 

Dad and Mum, this is a report from our meeting on Sunday, which was attended by fifteen pastors. We prayed, and took a look at how your outfit is helping our ministries. At the end we agreed on these issues. (1) To meet once a month to pray for the growth of the Christian tract program. (2) To work together and support our ministries here in Ghana. (3) To seek your advice and experience in order to help our ministries. (4) we all agreed that I become the leader in Ghana. Yoy son. John Boateng.
9th Sept 2010
Hello Dad, all the pastors, and those who to join in Christian Tract Outreach here in Ghana, will have a meeting on 11th Sept to pray and talk about things that will help the spread of the Kingdom of God. Dad, do you have something specific you will like us to pray about, or a message for the pastors? Son John Boateng
1st Sept 2010
Hello Dad, it looks like God is making our work with the tracts very big here in Ghana, this week some pastors contacted me from Accra. They want tracts in the Ga language. As you may know, Accra is the capital city of Ghana. Dad can we do the tracts for Pastor Thomas this week? He has called me, asking if his are ready. Please dad say hello to Mum for me. In His Service. Son John Boateng 
28th Aug 2010
Thanks Dad for giving me the opportunity to make such decisions, this fund will be able to print 10,000 copies. They will go to Pastor David. My prayer is that we get founds very soon to help Pastor Thomas so that we will be seen to love them both. It is a blessing to have come in contact with you. God bless. John Boateng.

18th Aug 2010

Hello Dan and Mum, this is just a brief report on our last mission trip to Axim. Our team arrived there on the 4th Aug. We used two types of program each day. A; One to one personal evangelism in the mornings. B; A mass crusade in the evenings. On the Saturday we had a float in town. We sang and distributed gospel tracts, after which 9 new converts were baptised, and 16 more will be baptised on Saturday 22nd Aug, after they have completed their counselling sessions. Thank you so much for helping. Your son. John.

10th Aug 2010

Hello dad, thank you for the message you sent me. It is always good to remind ourselves of the coming of Jesus, our Lord. Please dad, how is the situation with funds for TWI tracts? Please try to help us once more, if possible. We need the tracts to continue the work. Dad, please say hello to mum for me. Be blessed. Your son, John.

19th July 2010:

Dad and mum, I returned from AXIM yesterday, and I tell you, it was a great experience. It is unfortunate that I did not have a camera, but here are some reports of what happened. We had a two week gospel crusade, morning and evening. 25 new converts gave their lives to Christ. 62 people renewed their faith in Christ. 12,000 school children from 10 different schools received gospel tracts. In all we were able to talk to 23,000 people about Christ in the two weeks. I must say, the gospel tracts helped our work so much, and we give God the glory. But we could not complete what we wanted to do, so we are going back from 28th July till 1st Aug. I would be grateful if you could supply us with funds for more tracts, since we do not have any left. Once more, thank you for your help with our ministry in Ghana. Your son, John.

17th June 2010

Hello dad. How are you and mum? I just want to find out if you have returned from your little break, and if you can help us with TWI tracts. As I told you in my last mail, we need them so much, because we are in Axim, doing evangelism, and as I also told you, we have run out of stock. Thanks, son, John.

19th May 2010

Hello dad. Mary, my wife, is OK now, by the grace of God. About the tracts, I believe God will provide funds for the French tracts. The pastors ask me about it every day. Son John.
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