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"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God..." (John 1:1)

"He is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which He is called is the Word of God." (Rev 19:13)

"...Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever." (Hebrews 13:8)

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Written by Danny   
Tuesday, 24 August 2010 00:36

This work in Kenya began for us in late 2009 when Evangelists, George and Clara Otieno, first contacted us. And while our contact with this brother has been wonderful, yet, if it were not for severe financial constraints, it would have developed much further than it has. But we praise our God for what he has acchieved so far, and look forward to an every increasing harvest for this very dear brother and his wife.

The following are extracts from some encouraging emails which we received from George:

11th Oct 2011

Dear brethren in Christ, Danny & Terri Maher, I am very, very sorry for being quite for many days. After finishing the missions I got very bad news concerning the death of my very best friend/pastor. Sometimes we was working together in missions so the team I and some other brothers in Christ we travelled to his village for his burial but now I am back home safely. It's been a very, very sad time. Now as I promised you concerning testimonies/report, really, the missions were very, very good and fruitful. We went door to door and 2530 got saved. We came to realise that many people came to Jesus first because we give them free tracts and we pray for them and show love to them. Next time we are invited in Zanzibar Island (Tanzania), this is a Muslim stronghold, so we will wait to hear from you if God will provide funds for tracts. Thank you and God bless you. George Otieno


8th Dec 2010

Brethren in Christ, Danny & Terri. Greetings from Kenya. The following are the testimonies I promised you last week. The missions took three months and we divided into three groups. The following are the numbers of people who got saved through street evangelism. Women (mature) 1,520; Men 710; Ladies (young women and girls) 4,500; Boys 2,500

Then from outreach into prison; Men 23, Women 50. Into hospitals; Men 250, Women 500. Into schools/colleges/universities; Men 750, Women 2,530.

Witchdoctors; 1Man. Witches; 2 Women. A total of 13,236.

This time the witness was not house to house, but person to person, because we realised there are many people who do not know how to read or write, so we thank God for this fruit. And thank you Danny and Terri and all those who support you financially and spiritually. Tell them their works are good. God will reward them and we are praying for them. Please don't forget us next time. God bless you. George Otieno.

3rd Dec 2010

My brethren Daniel and Terri, thank you for the Christian tracts which I received on Sunday from Phillip. Glory to God, the one who protected us through the three months of missions. This week we will finish, so thank you Danny and Terri, and our thanks also to all the brothers and sisters who are supporting us in this way. We have committed ourselves to prayer and fasting for all of you, and for what you have done in our country. The people here are very interested in your tracts and they have asked us to continue for another month, but we had to say no, because we need to spend time with our families also. But we promised them we would be back soon, so please don't forget us next time Danny and Terri. May God protect and guide you day and night, Amen! Your fellow solder in Christ's army. George Otieno.

17th Nov 2010

Brothers Danny & Terri, thank you again for the Swahili tracts we received from Phillip on Sunday. And yes, as he told you, at the end of this month we will be finishing these three months of missions. We thank God because the number of people who have come to Jesus continues to grow day after day. We will send the testimonies to you after we finish. All blessings to you and Terri, and those who are working with you. George Otieno.

15th Sept 2010


Brethrens Danny & Terri Maher, thank you so much for sending Swahili tracts to me through Pastor Phillip. May the Lord guide you day and night! Would you please remember me again for next week? Be blessed. George Otieno.


2nd Sept 2010


My brethren Danny & Terry Maher; let me take this opportunity to thank God, and you also, for the Swahili tracts which we received Saturday night from our beloved brother and pastor, Phillip from Tanzania. Thank you very much. We have started the mission this week, and it will last for three months. As I told you, the government leaders asked me to do this mission. Those Swahili tracts will help us for this week. PLEASE DONT FORGET US FOR NEXT WEEK, IF THE LORD PROVIDES. Thank you, and may the Lord bless you too. George Otieno.


22nd April 2010


Brothers Danny & Terri Maher, I am very sorry for being quiet since I finished our missions, and I remember I didn’t gave you any testimonies, and this is wrong. After I finished my missions my second born died, so it was a hard time and I was in great sorrow. I thank God who gave me strength and now I am rejoicing in the Lord.

By the way, the mission was very good. The following people got saved, 3 Muslims, 30 students, 12 sick people, 4 harlots, 7 prisoners and 12 street guys. And more than 3 tribes need tracts translated into their local languages. Actually we {you and I} have a great work to do here in Kenya and all Africa. Some areas have already arranged another mission, and they have invited me to go with tracts. So, are you in good position financially? I am waiting to hear from you. Your brother in Christ; George Otieno.  

29th March 2010


Brothers Dan & Terri Maher, I greet you in the powerful name Jesus Christ our Saviour. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the tracts which I received yesterday from our brother Phillip. This is our last week of our mission. I will send to you all information concerning our missions. Thank you very much. May God protect and guard you and Terri from the snare of the fowler. We pray that God may give you spiritual and physical health, Amen. George.


15th March 2010

To you brothers Danny & Terri Maher, thank you very much for your tracts we received yesterday afternoon which was Sunday. God bless you so much and don’t forget to help and send tracts to me again next week.  It will be good if I will receive very early as this week. Let me wait and hear from you soon. George.


8th March 2010

To you brothers, Danny & Terri Maher, thank you very much for your tracts we received yesterday afternoon which was Sunday. God bless you so much and don’t forget to help and send tracts to me again next week. It will be good if I will receive very early as this week. Let’s me wait and hear from you soon. George.

3rd March 2010


Brothers in Christ, Danny & Terri, thank you very much for Swahili tracts which I got yesterday from Pastor Phillip Mahali from Tanzania. Please don’t forget to send more tracts next week. Please allow me to hear from you.

George Otieno.


24th Feb 2010

Brethren, Daniel & Terri Maher, I greet you in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. I want to inform you that, next week, on Tuesday, we will be starting another crusade. Would you please help and send me some Swahili tracts, if possible? It’s good to hear from you. George Otieno.



29th Dec 2009


My brethren, Dan & Terri Maher, I greet you in the powerful name of Jesus Christ our Saviour.  My name is George Otieno, I am 45 years old and I am married, and I have two children, Grace and Covenant, I am Kenyan citizen and I am living in Nairobi. I am an evangelist, and am the founder of GO MINISTRY. I have been engaged in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ since 2000.

My brothers, for many days I was praying and searching for ministries/organisations which will help us by send us SWAHILI TRACTS. I was very excited to see your website. My brother, please allow me to join and work with you. On 5 January 2010 I have a very big open air crusades with house to house evangelism, and also I have five more crusades in Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Would you please help and send to us Swahili tracts before the crusades dates above? Please we need your help as Lord's directs you in order to help us to bring many lost soul into God's kingdom. By the way do you have an overseer here in East Africa? This would make it easy for us to receive Swahili tracts? Let me hear from you and God bless you too. Evangelist, George & Clara Otieno, Kenya, East Africa.





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