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"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God..." (John 1:1)

"He is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which He is called is the Word of God." (Rev 19:13)

"...Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever." (Hebrews 13:8)

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Updates for Aug 2011 PDF Print Email
Written by Danny   
Friday, 05 August 2011 00:34


31th Aug 2011, DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)

    My beloved father and my mom, first, let me apologies to you my parents, you haven’t heard from me for many days. I was in strong and heavy sorrow since my son's death happened, but I think you were praying for me because now I am ok and I am ready to continue to serve my Lord who is the author of everything; even children come from him. My group and I have planned again to go and have missions a in DRC, which will begin next week and will take two months. Our target is door to door evangelism, distributing tracts and church planting. Can we get tracts? God bless you. Mary Pierre
Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 September 2011 07:05
Update for July 2011 PDF Print Email
Written by Danny   
Thursday, 07 July 2011 22:09

28th July 2011

Brothers Danny & Terri, yesterday I attended the Khammam district pastors meeting and we discussed our tracts ministry to their area. Nearly fifty pastors attended and they gave their testimonies. Our Telugu tracts ministry has helped save so many people and the assemblies have been strengthened and blessed. Almost all these pastors happily shared their testimonies. I am very happy that our tracts ministry has covered so many villages and towns in this district. All these pastors prayed for three hours for you, your family and also your ministries. They made plans for the four district outreach on 15th of August. God bless you richly. Thanking you brother, Pastor Ephraim Penumala
Last Updated on Thursday, 28 July 2011 22:29
Update for June 2011 PDF Print Email
Written by Danny   
Friday, 17 June 2011 22:32

20th June 2011, Abuesi, Ghana

Hello Dad and Mum, this is a brief report of our meeting on 18th June 2011.
The meeting started at 9am and closed at 3:15pm. In all 14 persons attained, 9 pastors and 5 Elders. We agree on the following issues: (1) To meet once a mouth to pray for the work of CTO. (2) To request tract once a mouth. (3) Report will be give to me for submission to you. (4) When a printing house is setup here in Ghana the pastor will contribute monthly to pay for the electricity bill.
Two new pastors joined us and they will want us to print tract in the Ga and Ewe languages. So for the next three months these are the tract and the pastors we will serve. Pastor John; 60,000 Twi copies, Pastor Mercy; 60,000 Twi copies, Pastor Thomas; 60,000 French copies:
In conclusion I can say the meeting was very successful, by God’s Grace.
Also, by the grace of God I am going to have my second evangelistic crusade with the Ghana Pentecostal churches. This will be for 5 days from 29th Jun. to 3nd Jul 2011 at Abuesi.  We will need about 70,000 copies of Twi tract to win souls for our God. We pray that he will provide the funds for this work. God bless you, son John.
Last Updated on Thursday, 07 July 2011 06:23
Updates for May PDF Print Email
Written by Danny   
Sunday, 15 May 2011 05:55

30th May 2011

At this stage the work of several evangelists and pastors continues in East, Central and West Africa, as well as India, with continuing crusades bearing much fruit for our God’s glory. More details next month as reports come in.

26th May 2011, Khammam District, Andrea Pradesh, India

Brothers Danny & Terri, thank you for your kind reply and for your kind co-operation of our Tracts ministry in my state. Yesterday we visited some Tribal colonies in Khammam district and we saw and heard that the people’s traditions are so bad. They did not know of our Lord Jesus Christ, they are always drinking and worshiping the forest idols.


Last Updated on Sunday, 29 May 2011 23:14
Update for April 2011 PDF Print Email
Written by Danny   
Tuesday, 19 April 2011 23:13

30th April, 2011

While there has been much activity, and many requests for tracts in April, yet because of a fall off in the availability of funds we have been unable to help many of God’s servants. Also, those we have been able to supply have been involved in long term missions of several months, so we have not received many reports. Plus, could those of you who read this please pray for Mary and Daniel Pierre of Burundi as we have heard nothing from them since they returned from four months of crusades except that Mary was suffering from severe pains. We are concerned!

28th April 2011, Mbeya, Tanzania

Beloved brothers in Christ, Daniel & Terri, I have been invited to go to Malawi with tracts this week and to join in the work with John Banda in the mission there. So I am asking if it is possible get to funds for tracts  and transportations. Your sons, Pastors Phillip & Kissa Mahali

Last Updated on Friday, 29 April 2011 21:40
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